We have successfully rescued and rehomed many  dogs since 2013 that are now wonderful service dogs with veterans and private citizens!


The dogs are not trained when adopted, but can go on to be trained with us or with hired trainers.
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Private citizens can apply for training with  Service Dog Express

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In Dog We Trust

was formed for people to adopt trainable dogs

for service dog training or good temperament pets.

Many dogs have been returned to shelters by

inexperienced people who fall in love

with the look of a dog without really understanding what

it takes to be a service dog.

In Dog We Trust trains owners dogs with assessments

as well as our rescues at no charge for veterans or

first responders.

Zoid in training
MIllie's assessment!

Millie has been adopted but there are more dogs waiting for homes.  Check them out on our dogs available for adoption page!.

Dogs are tested in public settings by             our volunteer trainers