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      About us And Training


Service dog training consists of training commands in all public areas such as stores restaurants, malls etc. When this is completed the dog takes the Public access test.

The public access test does not mean the dog is a service dog. Only with performing tasks can it be regarded as a service dog. Without tasks such as alerting, the dog is just a well trained dog in public.

When the dog and handler has passed its test, they are awarded a certificate of completion  the Public access test is not transferable and only applies to the one team that took the test together.

Online service dog registry certificates are FAKE and are not registered with any legal entity.


Cherry began her love of dogs as a young child, walking four miles to the city's pound just to help out every Sunday. When she left school, she began working for the pound full time and before long she was working alongside trainers and vets.

She has now been working with and training dogs during a span of over 35 years.

In more recent times she has spent time with the Clinical psychologist and staff of the Va hospital and has learned a great deal about PTSD and the positive effects of service dogs. Most of her training now revolves around training service dogs for veterans.

She has raised two mentally challenged children and knows only too well what is involved with the care and support needed for people with emotional needs.


We have also been approved by the Alzheimer's Association to assist in supplying and training dogs for patients with early signs of Alzheimer's and the Navy base in Corpus Christie.


We are a 501c3 Non profit rescue, registered with San Antonio Animal Care Services, Cibalo animal services, Corpus Christie animal services, San Antonio Pets alive, VA hospital Corpus Christie, Bexar county and the Texas Secretary of State.



Cherry Jenkins, CEO and Founder, In Dog We Trust with Bethany, her own rescue dog.

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Training Lola to pick up something from the floor when dropped for her disabled owner..



When our 16 year old puppy passed away last year, there was a definite hole in our hearts. It's not easy to replace the love of a dog you lost. My wife and I consider ourselves very fortunate to come across Cherry and her rescue dogs. From the first time I saw London, I just had a feeling. Not wanting to get my hopes up, I went home and told my wife how much I liked him. We called Cherry the next day and after going over the inspection and paperwork we were overly thankful to bring London home to his new forever-home. And what an angel of a dog!! He was fully house broken. He did not beg from us for food and when it was time for treats, he would sit before we even had to say anything. He is the most obedient dog I've ever had. Thank you Cherry for what you have done for us in letting London adopt us!​



Thank you Cherry for Amy, she is awesome, my daughter and her are inseperable I cannot thank you enough!



Leah is wonderful, we dont even know how we would manage without her now, thank you Cherry for Leah we adore her, and her us!



Meeting you, Bip and Laurie has started my life in a new direction. With the help of Bip I have been able to start going to smaller stores without my wife.  

I even sleep through the night now. Bip is my little battle buddy. She always has my back and I have hers.



II had no idea that a service dog could change my life like it has, for the first time in months I am sleeping through the night, Thank you In Dog We Trust for sweet Olla, I wish I'd contacted you sooner.


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