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How it all works!


We rescue dogs from shelters in San Antonio, Corpus Christie, Schertz Mission and San Marcos Texas.

The dogs are assessed for temperament and trainability either by us or very trusted volunteers. .

After rescue, they come to us to be vetted and cared for and for us to get a better feel of the dogs once they have come out of their 'Shelter Shells'

We then decide whether they could be potential service dogs Emotional support dogs or pets.

When a dog is adopted for service dog training, the adopter is matched with a trainer, either through us or a trainer of their choice. Please note we do not validate all training companies, so your choice of trainer must be approved by us prior to adoption.

Please click on our info tab for faqs about training.


We have rescued very sick dogs like Lilac, who is a Pittbull who had demodex mange so bad she only had 20% fur on her entire body and her skin was badly infected. After 3 months of dedicated care, she transformed into a beauty and is now a Service Dog for a Veteran Staff Sergeant.

Or little Zoid, we found at the shelter on the kill list, emaciated and full of worms and suffering from mange. Months later this little guy turned into an awesome little dog and is also now living a life of a service dog for a veteran.

All the dogs we rescue are from kill shelters some even only have hours or sometimes minutes to live when we save them!

Not all the dogs we rescue are sick, some are healthy puppies, pure and mix breeds, we rescue and have rescued all types. 


The dogs live in our home with us  or in foster care as part of the family so when they are adopted they have been loved and cared for in a home environment.

If you would like to foster for us please click on the contact us tab! It is a very rewarding experience!


Service dog training.

Dogs that have been adopted from us can be pets or go on to be trained to be service dogs.

Each dog is listed as whether better as a Service dog potential dog or a companion,

Please let us know when applying for any of our dogs if you have training contract with a training company.

If you have any questions about service dog training, go to the Service dog training tab or click the contact us tab and we will try to advise you as best we can.




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